Skyline of Singapore

Temples of Singapore

We visit temples. A lot of temples! Thai temples are covered on, Khmer sanctuaries on, Cambodian temples on Hence we needed another platform to feature the wonderful temples of Singapore. Continue here to visit Buddhist or Taoist temples and other Buddhist places in Singapore. 

What is AmaSingapore?

Like our other web sites AmaSingapore is mostly a photographic journey with some personal commentary. This is not a commercial site. This is a PRIVATE web site! We do not intend to be a travel web site, containing travel information, addresses or other "useful" information. Our intention is to provide ourselves with a platform to rave about places we visited and liked. 

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Overall impression 

We visited many places in the world. When giving our overall impression about Singapore we compared it with another great city in Asia - Bangkok. 

Read our overall impression commentary.

Photographic journeys 

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Central Business District
Little India
Orchard Road


Singapore Curiosities

To us, Singapore seemed almost like a perfect city. Like it was not true. Too perfect. Which is ok. But we still found some strange things. Read our Singapore Curiosities page. 



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